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This project looks to explore the relationships between men in a non-competitive environment.  Performance is core to the choir’s activities. The shared experience of those moments creates the sense of community and the emotional glue that binds the group. The focus of this study however is the broader sense of togetherness, the interaction before and after the performance. I show how men react to each other, the camaraderie, relationships and how they feel about being in Chaps Choir. I hope to the show viewer the hard work and  commitment that goes in to making it a success. Above all else I wanted to capture and share the love of singing within the group and how singing together brings men a sense of belonging.  What I found went far deeper than just friendships and togetherness, but a true sense of community. I became a voyeur of a group of varied and wonderfully diverse men who have singing in common. I realised that I was not only documenting a choir but studying the therapeutic effects of the group on the individual and the kinship that evolved from being united. 

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